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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Coffee House: Brewed Bike Appeal


The Coffee House is a fairly new shop to the Philadelphia coffee scene. It's located at 113 W. Girard ave. right at Front and Girard. I stumbled upon it one day, because it was close to my studio and I was out getting lunch. What's better after lunch then a cup of coffee?

After weeks of going in there I was hooked. Derrick, the owner, is a rad dude and his employees are all really nice people. If you like coffee and enjoy a good place to drink it...go check out The Coffee House! Not only that, It's now bike friendly too.

Derrick, approached me one day about making a bike rack. There was nowhere to park your bike. You would have to either walk a block or risk locking to a very small tree. So... I got started sketching.

Here is the design I came up with, that I like to call "Drop Top Down". It maximizes space well, offers a double duty purpose (bike rack and community bulletin board) and parks the most bikes in the smallest amount of space. It does so by utilizing angled bike parking. It works really well on tight sidewalks too. Why don't you go get a cup of coffee and ride a bike there. It might just become your new favorite Java spot.

Derrick also wanted to bookend the bulletin board with plants, so I fabricated planter trays on each end.

Beyond what it was designed for...apparently it can accommodate scooter parking as well. Hmmm.

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