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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Was swamped... Now I'm swimming in it. A 2010 re-cap.

So as far as 2010 goes... It was a wash. At least for this blog anyway. Sometimes something has to give, and unfortunately this blog gave way. If you haven't noticed, updating this site was not happening very often. But, the rest of the year was pretty monumental! My non-virtual world was chock full of action, that left my virtual world by the wayside.

I was super busy in the Artlab. Came up with a bunch of new designs. Some of which I have already built the prototypes for and some that I'm about to break ground on. Acquired some new tools. Made major headway on setting up the shop and I bought a house! Had some major momentum going. Then found some major problems in the new place. SCCREEEEECHHH! That's when everything in the Artlab came to a halt. I had switch gears to Bob Villa-mode and re-renovate the new house. Uhhgg.

Luckily, my Dad taught me well when it comes to house repair. I had the skills to pay the bills, so to speak.  Without getting too into detail, I basically had to gut most of the house, tear up the first floor, jack up the staircase and then rebuild. With the support of my better half and some good friends and family, I made it through the 8 or 9 crazy hot heat waves and didn't totally lose my mind while doing so(if anyone has ever been in this position, you know what I'm talking about). This past summer was probably the hottest I've experienced in Philly, and I was covered in brick and plaster dust for most of it.

Flash forward a bit, It took me a few months to recharge after all that stress, sweating and exhaustion. I made it through my first Thanksgiving as host. My birthday had an awesome lunar eclipse the night of (Stayed up really late and got some good pics) and the holidays went smoothly.

I've made it through the 2010 gauntlet that was my life. Coming out the other side a wiser, more experienced, knowledgeable person... I hope. Ha!

Now its 2011 and I'm back in action. Going to try my best to update this blog on the regular and will be building my new website, www.industrialartlab.com as well. Also, I have a years worth of projects that I will be posting soon, and new designs coming out. keep your eyes peeled for those and the new website. Hopefully the site will be up in late March. Thanks for reading.