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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Production Junction

So my friends over at GRID Magazine contacted me. They were in need of new counter top displays and distribution racks for their publication. The problem was, they needed them to be really durable, as well as functional. All while giving them a unique visual appeal to set them apart from the crowd.

    The Problem: I needed to come up with two designs that would look great, give GRID the image it wants AND do the job. They needed to be constructed out of wood and metal. Plus, they need to be reproducible.
    Design #1: The Counter Top Display needed to be really appealing and built solid. That way if it falls or gets knocked over, it doesn't break. Also, it needs to showcase the magazine well when it's on display.

    Design #2: The Distribution Rack also needed to be really appealing and built solid. Hold as many magazines as possible, without looking over burdened. All while trying to compete with other more mainstream publication racks.

After coming up with several design options for each and some deliberation with the folks at Grid...Alex, Claire, Jaime and I chose two designs that we thought would work best. Once those decisions were made...fabrication and production began.
Here is a glimpse at the production line.

Here is the Solution for Design Problem #1: The Counter Top Display. It utilizes a grid-like pattern made of steel with a knockout for the logo. Paired to a wood back and base. It is quite durable and has some weight to it for stability.

Here is the Solution for Design Problem #2: The Distribution Rack. It utilizes a three tiered vertical slot design. In order to showcase the logo multiple times when the rack is full with publications. Also, it gives it some dynamic appeal rather than a purely static, repetitive feel. The rack has a bottom shelf as well. This bottom shelf is for storing a fresh supply of magazines to replenish the upper tiers. This enables the rack to hold as many magazines as possible without over-burdening the "display" area of the Rack.

Overall, this project went really well. I'm very happy with the outcome of the designs and the quality of production. My friends over at GRID are thrilled as well and they were a pleasure to work with. Go pick up the latest copy now and let me know what you think of their new digs. 


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