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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rays of Sunshine in the City

My Friend Ben needed some much needed protection for his basement windows. However, he didn't want it to look that way. So, I needed to make it functional, all while keeping it feeling positive.

After some thought and using an old railing that he had salvaged, we came up with a design that will do just that. It's nice to make something that hopefully will add some cheer and a feeling of security.
"What is it?" you ask.

A sunrise for a new day.

Those wavy pieces came from a railing that was about 80 yrs. old and destined for the scrap heap. It was satisfying to reuse them and I feel the final form is pleasing to the eye.

p.s.- some pics of the painted(most likely a much brighter color) and installed window's will be posted soon.

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