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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Learning Experience

The Solar-powered bike rack project for Honey's took some doing. Once all the details were worked out and the project was rolling along...I definitely hit some bumps along the way. Little things that you don't realize are gonna take forever...do. Mistakes are inevitable and progress is key. I learned a lot about procedure and technique. The right way of doing things and the infinite amount of possibilities that the proper tools offer.

I made sculpture for art sake in college and it was fun. But making form to suit function in a creative way is awesome! Designing work on paper and then making it real is quite a rewarding feeling for me. I love making things.

After countless hours, coffee breaks and lots of hard work...Here is the final outcome. please take a look.

First, the "Spiral".

Notice the details at each end of the spiral.

Next is the "Grid". Also notice that they have been powder coated clear to keep that raw metal feel and so they can patina.

I really like this piece. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.

Here's the face...
and the display base.

Then the "Cactus". I like the proportions on this one. It's simple and tall and it's all in the details.
Finally, all three in a row. They look nice all lined up, especially when they are loaded with bikes. Soon I'll post some pics of them lit up at night, so you can see them in full effect. Please go check em' out next time you're up that way. If you like, leave a comment and let me know what you think . Thanks.
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